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Image by Jake Weirick
3D Vol. 1 Cover 1 - standard.png

December, 2022, the true beginning of the long-awaited Aquarian Age. As the world recovers from the devastating Final War, human freedoms continue to erode in the name of safety and security.

Meanwhile, NYU graduate, John Casey, a conspiracy theorist and expert in the occult, learns he may be a powerful magician who is said to appear at the End of the Age and free humanity from bondage. Forces beyond his control soon thrust him in a life-or-death struggle against the ancient cabal of black magicians that was behind the war: the Illuminati.   

John and his mysterious new friends have only a few hours to stop the Cabal from completing the Great Work of the Ages and ushering in their Dark Luciferian New World Order, which will turn Earth into a prison planet for all time!


Coming soon! In the meantime, check out Chapter 1 or join the Launch Team and get the entire book for free. 

Image by Jake Weirick
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Image by Jake Weirick
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