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                     Who is Konstantine?

Konstantine was born in Melbourne, Australia, and then moved to Athens, Greece, with his family, in his early teens, completing high school there. He then returned to Melbourne in his early twenties, and after developing an interest in alt. spirituality, the occult and secret societies, he embarked on a rigorous, life-long study of these subjects. 


A Reiki III healer and music teacher, he has done a number of odd jobs (from cleaning to factory work, to UBER driving), while creating a high volume of quality social media content on the aforementioned topics in his spare time. He is now living in Greece again, and spends most of his time on his three favorite activities: writing, content creation and working out. 


He is the developer of the ground-breaking energy healing modality, Flame of Seraphim Healing™, and author of the nine-part Galactic Independence War Saga, an epic science fantasy series, in the time-honored tradition of DuneStar Wars and Asimov’s Foundation, with strong high fantasy, paranormal and conspiracy thriller elements.

Set on modern-day Earth, it sweeps the reader into a reality-bending, swashbuckling, planet-hopping, and complex hero’s journey that does not let up until the explosive saga finale. 

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