A unique story & approach

The story elements
The story, while fictional, draws heavily upon and makes explicit references to a wealth of real-life Conspiracy Theories (the Illuminati and the Reptilian ones in particular), metaphysical concepts (Reincarnation, Karma, etc.) and mystery traditions (Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Hermeticism, Theosophy, Thelema, etc.), weaving together a unique blend of elements to create a fantasy tale that is truly designed for our times.

The story starts off on earth, in the current time, and the main character, John "J.C"   Casey, is pitted against the Illuminati, who have just put their dictatorial New Word Order into effect in the aftermath of WW3 --a war they have secretly engineered. In the course of his adventures, he discovers that the Illuminati are just the beginning and that the conspiracy goes much higher than them. This thriller-like theme continues to build throughout each of the nine planned novels in the saga, and we see John and his numerous allies incrementally uncovering more pieces of the labyrinthine puzzle in each new instalment.

While the first few books are set on earth and are a blend of an Indiana Jones-like treasure hunt and a Da Vinci Code conspiracy thriller, with plenty of X-Files-type 
paranormal mystery and Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings-esque wizard action thrown in for good measure, each new instalment in the saga gradually introduces more and
more space opera elements, reminiscent of its three biggest influences: Star Wars, Flash Gordon and Dune. On the whole, and to paraphrase George Lucas' claim from an old, 70ies interview that Star Wars was "kind of like The Lord of the Rings in outer space", the Galactic IndependenceWar Saga could be said to be "what you would get if you crossed Indiana Jones, Fox Mulder, Flash Gordon, Luke Skywalker, Paul Atreides and Doctor Strange, and got him to uncover a wheels within wheels, cosmic conspiracy that eventually leads him to outer space and sparks off a galaxy-wide confrontation in the process." Sounds pretty exciting right?

In late '05, while early into the first draft, I realized I had included so many Spirituality/Conspiracy terms in the manuscript that they required extensive footnotes (they were later converted to endnotes)! While this is certainly not the only novel in the world with endnotes, it is, at least to my knowledge, done in a unique way. 

You can see what I mean for yourself, when you read the FREE first Chapter or the FREE First Installment. They number almost two hundred and cover every conceivable Conspiracy Theory and Spiritual concept I could possibly fit into the dialogue and story, essentially making the book something of a Truth Activist/Occultist's bible

A great way to teach your friends Truth!
The best thing about the endnotes is that they don't deal in mere "opinions", but, instead, delineate timeless Universal Truths, as well as important contemporary issues that are purposely suppressed by the Mainstream Media, Educational Systems and Organized Religions of the world. So, if you are already well versed in Alternative News and Spirituality, giving the book to a friend/family member is the perfect way to introduce them to all those great things you already know to be self-evident. 
Because, let's face it, the sad fact is that, even though the information is widely available these days all over the Internet, most people don't bother looking into these concepts of their own volition, being, instead, quite content to fill their minds with a steady diet of mindless entertainment that will teach them nothing of substance! If, however, they come across the Universal Truths when reading/watching an engaging fictional story, there is an increased likelihood for them to take an interest in, and retain, the information they encounter. And this vital information stands out even more so in this particular work, due to the painstakingly detailed endnotes. 

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