How it all began...

                                                                          Creative "Vision"

In early '05, right after a particularly deep meditation session,
I saw a scene in my head that looked just like an exotic alien planet from a Hollywood sci-fi film. And it seemed so "real". I instantly knew I was downloading some info, so to speak, from my Higher Mind and I immediately looked for a piece of paper to jot down some ideas. 

What I wrote down was the very earliest blueprint of what, after a million revisions, initially became the Foreword of the novel. I later changed it from Foreword to a Note from the Author, however, and it is now at the end f the book, but when you see it, you'll understand why it is the very foundation of the entire saga. I have two pictures of the original notes below. It was done in pencil and, while I was writing it, I had a very clear concept of how I imagined the saga to be: it was then and there that the idea of "retelling past events (that occur in our current time on Earth) through a narrator from the distant future" was formulated. What is most interesting about this is that I didn't consciously model it after Tolkien's Red Book of Westmarch, or Lucas' Journal of the Whills. Nevertheless, it is a surprisingly similar concept, though with a unique flavor of its own, of course. 

                                           Echoes of a galaxy far, far away...

While I had already known about the Journal of the Whills due to being a massive Star Wars fan and was very familiar with the concept, I didn't consciously realize at the time that I was creating something similar. I eventually realized it weeks, or perhaps even months, later. And as for the Red Book, I had no knowledge of it whatsoever. While I now own a copy of The Lord of the Rings (please don't get out the pitchforks now, but to be perfectly honest, I mostly bought it for "research" purposes from an author's point of view) in 2005 all I had ever done was watch the Peter Jackson films, which I absolutely loved, of course. So I realized, many years later, that my concept also had similarities with the Red Book! 

From the first moment I started to write the embryonic version of the Foreword turned Note from the Author on the back of an A4 print out, I envisioned the entire "Galactic Independence War universe" timeline spanning hundreds of thousands of years, of which the 6 books I intended to write at the time would comprise but a tiny fraction. Immediately I was filled with excitement over the endless potential for prequels, sequels, spin offs, etc., should the first book succeed. The full timeline of the universe I created is at least 400,000 years in length. Just to put it into perspective for you: if I am not mistaken, I
believe the Star Wars Universe timeline covers a span of around 25,000 years and look at how many spin offs they have with that. 

                                                                 From 6 part to 9 part saga

While I had always wanted to do a six-part saga from day one and even had detailed synopses of all five sequels after Lifting the Curse, in early Jan, 2015, however, I realized the manuscript was just getting too big. So I did "a Lucas" and split one novel into three: I took Act I and added a few more stuff to fill it out and, hey presto, we now have the current version of Lifting the Curse. 

You see, just as I was putting the final touches on Lifting the Curse, around Dec '14/Jan '15, I noticed the story I had was too long. It had been steadily growing over the years and, by the end of 2014, it approached 170,000 words. Now, while I do know this is not exactly a long word count where the fantasy genre is concerned, I nevertheless felt it would end up in the 200K + area had I gone down that road and that was something I wanted to avoid. 

And so, what for almost 10 years was envisioned as being a six part series, suddenly became an eight-part series at around Jan 2015. And then, not long after that, while going through the complete saga outline, I realized that one of the later sequels would end up being too long as well, so I split that one in two, which magically helped me create one more book out of thin air! So from that point on, it has been a nine-part saga. Nothing has changed in the overall story arc, since, as I said above, I've had the complete six-part saga mapped out for a number of yeas now. All that's happened is that it's been spread out over three more books in order to avoid 400K + brick sized novels. 

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                                             The birth of a new "universe"

Below you can see pictures of the first ever ideas written down for the Galactic Independence War Saga, immediately after the intense mediation session in which the idea for the book/saga was received. 

It was around March/April 2005 and it took me on an amazing journey I never expected I would embark on. Even though you could say I was one of those students that was "good at everything" if I put my mind to it, my innate preference was for the mathematical based subjects, such as maths, physics, etc. So, until that fateful day at 29 yo, I never once planned on becoming some kind of modern Alex Raymond. This thing appears to be more a "mission" than a mere job.

The way the story has evolved since that amazing day has been absolutely mind-blowing. Nowadays, I am a big proponent of outlining novels and having detailed synopses for potential sequels, even if you're not even sure whether your first novel will make it. But in the first year or so, the bulk of what became the manuscript that, as I explained above, was recently split into 3 books, came to me "out of nowhere": it was virtually written like an automatic writing. So, clearly, whatever underlying message is meant to be injected into the mass consciousness through this saga, has been already decided upon by some higher intelligence, before I was even born. Call it God, Higher Self, Christ Consciousness or Nancy, but it is there and it is the true source of this mysterious thing we like to call "imagination". And in my case, it has given me ideas that, prior to the aforementioned vision in early '05, I never even dreamed of "imagining" on my own. 

I consider myself to be a humble servant of this Intelligent Energy Field, whose true name we do not know, and I "know" it uses me as a vehicle to write through, in order that it can tell the world the things it needs to be told in this generation.

                                                                                                                                                                  Feb 2015, Melbourne

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