About the Author

Konstantine is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia, who, much like his swashbuckling, Sorcerer-battling, fictional character, John 'J.C' Caseyhas a great interest Spirituality, Alternative Healing, Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories, the Occult, Aliens, etc. 

He is both a certified Reiki II healer and Music Teacher. Again, just like John Casey, he also has his own YouTube channel, with an associated website and blog; plus several Facebook Groups dealing with the subjects covered on the channel. 

When he is not working on his beloved Galactic Independence War Saga, he enjoys playing/writing music (guitar and keys), writing on his blog and interacting with his many Facebook friends in the groups he admins. 

Konstantine has, and continues to do, a variety of things for a living, such as: house cleaning, delivery driving, gardening, house painting, even Reiki healing. Above all, however, he would love to make a comfortable, full-time living through writing the Galactic Independence War Saga. And this is not beyond the realms of possibility, because, as explained herehe has never-ending ideas that go far beyond the tiny glimpse shown to us in the 8 part, planned saga. There is an enormous 
timeline from which to draw that has both a massive back story and plenty of ideas for an all-new saga set in the distant 
future. So, providing the first novel is a success, this material can produce a steady stream of exciting, fantasy/adventure tales to last us a century! 

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