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Mid December, 2015, three years after the much touted 12/21/12 date...but the fabled Aquarian 'Golden Age' is still nowhere to be seen. Instead, the world is now recovering from the ravages of the recent nuclear war, known as the Final War, and, in the name of 'security', is fast in the process of being transformed into a global Fascist state, the most basic of human rights stripped from people on a daily basis...

In the backdrop of all this is unassuming NYU Astrobiology graduate, John 'J.C' Casey, who has a great interest in the Occult, Conspiracy Theories and Aliens. One day, he receives an email from a mysterious man, claiming he wants to give him vital, Above Top Secret information. The sensitive information is said to hold the key to defeating the secret society John has developed an unhealthy obsession with in recent years: the Illuminati, an ancient brotherhood of Black Magicians he knows to be behind both the recent war and the looming Dark Luciferian New World Order...

John soon comes face to face with an incredible world he never knew existed; a world full of White Magicians, Dark Sorcerers, Angels and Lower Astral Beings. He also discovers that he may be the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, which tells of the Slayer of the Serpent, a powerful Magician destined to destroy the Illuminati Dark Cabal. Framed for murder, on the run from the law and hounded by Illuminati minions at every turn, John must now race against time to stop the Dark Brotherhood from actualizing its millennia-old, Byzantine plot...

J.C and his new friends have but a few hours left to meet the stringent requirements laid out in the Intergalactic Quarantine Removal Code and, if successful, will set the much delayed New Aeon of Aquarius into motion. If they fail, however, the Earth will become a Prison Planet for all time!



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